Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fogata en Playa Flamingo

Thursday, July 2nd

This evening, CPI put on a fogata (bonfire) on the beach from 5-7pm.  The sunset was beautiful, the fire was warm and we all enjoyed spending time together on beautiful Playa Flamingo!  Each of the small classes prepared a small activity, skit or song and performed those in front of everyone.  Here are a few pictures from our fun evening at the fogata!

Voluntariado #2

Thursday, July 2nd

We returned to Huacas this morning to continue working on the house we worked on Tuesday.  Lots of sanding, plastering and painting!

Clase de baile

Wednesday, July 1st

After a morning at Playa Conchal, students had a latin dance class!  It was funny watching the not-so-coordinated learn some new moves!  Even if we didn't master all the latin dances, it was still lots of fun!

Playa Conchal

Wednesday, July 1st

We spent the morning in Brasilito which is near a favorite beach, Playa Conchal.  Students always love Conchal and this group was no different.  The sand is actually made up mostly of crushed up shells and is pretty light.  The water always feels so nice and it's a great beach to swim in, snorkel, jet ski, you name it!  Students did all of the above, plus some got massages, some bought a pipa (coconut water in a coconut), some played their guitar on the beach, and all seemed to enjoy one of my favorite spots in Costa Rica!

Clase de cocina #1

Tuesday, June 30th

After students worked hard volunteering in Huacas, they also had to work hard preparing their lunch! Today was the first (of 2) cooking classes at CPI (the language school here in Playa Flamingo).  There was a bit of mis-communication among the kitchen staff, and they weren't exactly prepared for students to be cooking their lunch, they thought they were just preparing a snack, so the meal was a little on the light side, but students still learned a lot and hopefully everyone got enough to eat!  They prepared picadillo mixto which is basically means they diced and chopped and cut up lots of different vegetables that were then sautéed and served with corn tortillas (and black beans and rice - of course!).  Black beans and rice can be served with any meal - yes, even breakfast!  Although the typical Costa Rican breakfast with black beans and rice is called Gallo pinto, or sometimes just referred to as Pinto.  It is a mixture of black beans and rice and it is a staple here!  Here are a few pictures of the students preparing the picadillo mixto that they made today.

First day of volunteer work

Tuesday, June 30th

Today was our first day of volunteering.  We will be doing all of our volunteer work in a small town called Huacas.  We are going to be helping out some families with their houses.  A lot of work will still need to be done, but we are doing what we can while we are here!

First day at CPI Flamingo

Monday, June 29th

We left the hotel in Liberia and drove straight to CPI, the language school, near Playa Flamingo.  Students took their placements tests, we ate a delicious lunch at Casa del Toro (where we'll eat lunch a few time a week - - but all different and delicious lunches!) and then students began their first day of Spanish class.  They will have Spanish class for 4 hours each day.  That might seem like a lot, and that's the point!  This is an intensive Spanish immersion program!  The Spanish classes are small - between 2-5 students per class.  The entire 4 hours is in Spanish and lots and lots and lots of listening and speaking practice.  Conversation fluency is almost always something that students say that want to improve on, so this type of Spanish class is perfect for them!  After Spanish classes, we went to Playa Potrero which is where our home stays are located.  We (mostly our awesome bus driver, Andres) loaded and unloaded our luggage a few times today - the last time being when we were greeted by our home stay families!  Students left with their familias ticas and spent their first night at their home stay house in Potrero.  Hopefully everyone had a fan in their bedroom because it's pretty hot and humid (and dry right now) here on the coast of Guanacaste!